Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Reparations is here

Reparations is far from us like the earth to the moon
We sit and cast out wishes like fishermen, in hopes to get rich soon
Like the Olympics, chances knock once every 4 years
Instead of just doing it, like NIKE, we stand back in fear
Afraid to make goals and a name as Blacks, in fact
We too busy pulling knives out of backs
Competition was put in our minds by the slave master
Cause he wanted to see this race as a disaster

AND the SLAVE Master won

Let ME Introduce YOU to ME

I give words to folks like babies to mothers
Something that will be there forever
Unlike clouds, I tend to shine much better
and wake up minds early in the morning
Before I speak, you know who I am
Damn let me rephrase that
I am
the ROOT of ALL Things
The greatest thing since Santa
In Atlanta, I'm known to bring the Shit
Like tissue to asses, just wipe it
Start with a clean slate
Like the Ones close to my home
Left high and dry and stuck deep in muddy waters
Sons and daughters have new names
And the US no shame