Friday, October 22, 2010

LOVE Misunderstood

I think love as we know it is not what love truly is.  Love is  Omnipresent.  Love is always there before it is seen. Hidden, yet, right before our eyes. All we have to do  is grab it while its still in the dark and bring it to the light to see it clearly.    If GOD is love and we've never seen GOD, then that's what its about.  And to find  that true deep love has to take the work of both parties.   Every person has a potential to be in love with someone and to be loved.

Put  that same love that you have for the Higher Power into self first and  let it trickle about your surroundings.  I think folks just want a quick  fix relationship built on the smallest love and it never last or work  out the way we want it too.   Why build a house on a sand dune.  It will  eventually crumble.

Maybe there are reasons why we can't find love:

1. Our bodies give us away even when we don't know it. Maybe you are unknowingly sending a signal or message to the world that  is keeping some people away - you look away too soon, you have your arms  folded at parties, you look disgruntled.

2. Every time you get burned, you develop emotional debt, especially if you don't deal with your issues.

3. Fear of success or of failure. The expression, 'be careful what you wish  for' is real because many people are afraid to be happy and successful.

Real love is something that happens slowly and lasts for a long period of time, perhaps even for life

Love is out there, its just hidden and very rare to find  these days like a diamond in the middle of a busy street.  You just have  to be willing to walk out into that busy street and risk getting hit by  what is out there and pick up that diamond.  In other words, once you've found that someone you love and they love you back,  you both are taking the risk of going through the emotional punching bag.  What are your expectations when you enter into a relationship?  Do you  approach every relationship as if it were going to last forever, or do  you let things develop slowly over time?

SIDENOTE: Loving and leaving people is never good, especially for the person  getting left behind.  If you do this frequently, you aren't really ready  for a mature loving relationship with anyone.

For every beauty there is an eye somewhere to see it. For every truth there is an ear somewhere to hear it. For every love there is a heart somewhere to receive it - Ivan Panin

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Dance Between Two

Opening night
The show begins
A scene
Between twins
Conversations few
Dimly lit view
Half sipped glasses too
Sexually connect
In retrospect
The mood takes affect
If one makes a move
The other follows through
Desire construed
Sex long overdue
When bodies parallel
Each are compelled
The moral of the story is
Clothes hit the floor
Hands take tour
Down sexy curves
Ready to serve
Nipple to nipple
Tongues trickle down necks
Heated moments
Make skin sweat
From one place to the next
Where beds are set
Wanna leave traces
Not easy to forget
Legs around waist
Getting a taste
Of passion
An unexpected action
Deep throat
Always takes the winning vote
Rhythmic moves
Pulsated grooves
Fucking deep
Real smooth
Scratches shown
Loud moans
This ride is for the grown
Screams get higher
Like sirens to fire
All that's required
Faster and faster
As tongue go deep
The All Seeing Eye
Legs are weak
Sensitive to touch
Passion rush
to the rescue
Disaster seeps
Climax hit its peak
As the creek
Keeps its flow
Wetness show
One keeps going
While the other keeps flowing
Climbing walls
Past nightfall
When she say STOP
Screaming to the top
Of her lungs
The message sung
Heard among
All smiles glow
The gift bestowed
Reached goals
Is all they know
A duo to tango
The whistle blows
The lady sings in alto
Curtains closed

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Unspoken Words

A couple living together for years have changed the way things used to be and the love that was once shown so clearly to the world is a complete lost.  As one person comes from work, the other one leaves out.  They seem to be more like college roommates going in and out a revolving door, never having time to just sit and talk about what is. Conversations have now become few and far between and the lust for each other has died.  They are comfortable in a way with how things are if only they had the love they so desire for that special someone.  Too scared to leave, so they stay and deal.

So why do they stay in such an uncomfortable environment?  Would you change the situation to make it comfortable or get away from it altogether?  I think that you need to do what you are comfortable with but being comfortable and unhappy is not a good mixture.

Maybe the person is not comfortable with his or herself or know how to be alone.
Maybe its low self-esteem
Maybe its Fear of not finding someone else
Maybe its Fear of moving forward
Maybe its just to say "I'm not leaving, so you leave"

It very easy to get into a relationship, but when the relationship begin having major issues and things goes sour and you don't know what to do, then your decisions become much more difficult.  Unfortunately, most of us repeat this mistake too often and take people/things for granted.  In the back of their minds they maybe stuck in thinking about the past, wondering what went wrong, and unable to move from the pain of the relationship and to keep emotions from rising, they avoid it altogether to save for a rainy day, which may or may not come.

What will help this situation to make it better?

Talking to family and friends
Getting away from the relationship
Staying and working it out by communicating
Clearing out some clutter together to revitalize the relationship
Support groups

When a relationship experiences challenges, very often we want to put the blame on each other, so we must take 100% responsibility for the relationship---nothing more or no less.  Only when you heal and let go and let God is when you stop with the "faults” and “blames" but you must see eye to eye to get to this point!  It's very important to differentiate what has happened in the past from what is happening now.  There's a pattern that must be looked at very carefully!  I think that focusing on what you like about your partner instead of what you don't and then decide to make other choices is the key to making any heavy situation a much lighter and better situation in the end!!

Sooner or later you will actually be able to give thanks for the lessons that that person taught you.

This song represents Unspoken Words.... its called Talk To Me.....take a listen