Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rootsology's back with follow up CD....Coffee Shop Talk Too

Back to give the listeners wonderful sounds...Speaking on life issues from giving up to moving on with life!!
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Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Poetic Bio

I started out with big dreams and smile wide, Deep in the thought at the 
age of 2 and knew what I wanted to do
Often looking up to the stars for answers and enlightenment in hope
that I would one day reach for the stars
I was somewhere over the rainbow like Dorothy, following the yellow brick road
Awaiting my pot of gold but when I reached 12 years old my world came tumbling down
Half of me was taken away deep into the grounds lay cold my father figure
And I figured that there was no hope for me and nothing to look forward to
A pen approached me one night and forced me to write when I was feeling blue
There we were getting acquainted with one another
Day and night, Night and day we were like lovers under covers
Locked tight in a bedroom with very little light
I discovered a deeper talent I never thought I had Words scrambled on a pad
like musical notes
I wrote songs, I wrote poetry but was this really me?
I tried to get into other things to test the waters a bit
I tried modeling, acting, and even pageants but nothing clicked
Then I found myself back to the drawing boards with a pen in my hand
like pimps to whores, I was loving it
Taking into consideration that years have past and I was no longer grieving for dad
But sad and mad about the troubles life gave although I was well behaved 
and things didn’t go my way
And I couldn’t see past the immediate at times I wanted to be like regular teens
wild and mischievous
But because of the bloods that run through my veins I was like Jesus
The same yesterday, today and tomorrow, no change
I took one look over my life and found that I would only write when I was down
Deeper were the meanings rooted like trees way, way down
I had become connected to the earth and had sprouted taller than Sears tower
I had power and like they say Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world
I was far beyond the average woman and never less a girl
I was “The Daughter From the Stars” and was met by brothers from another planet
Giving knowledge to earthly beings so they could understand it
We became the 4 seasons, 4 elements of the zodiac
Standing on 4 corners of the earth with straighter backs
Like steam from heat we pollute the air, We focus more on life’s reasons
With a prophetic glare in our eyes we know why we are here but do you know why?
Running into struggles like brick walls and knowing that empty words come from empty minds
No one has studied the earth more than I but in their eyes it seems as though I’m blind and
Behind on the resources too yet the earth and all the other planets are just quarters in my pockets
Spent on reality and values now we can part the Red Seas and lead the lost into the promise land
Holding their hands like children til their eyes are fully opened
Teach them that it’s ok to discover self and not be like someone else
The battle is already won so why keep track of the time
Living below our means is not what God had in mind
Therefore, the earth is my shoes and I tread the fields searching for clues like Easter eggs
Praying to have something to look up to when I’m not always bowing
my head and on my knees
Begging forgiveness to the Almighty

K is for knowing             
A is for always
L is for Love
A is for abides
And if you Know Always that Love Abides then how can you go wrong
Always stay afloat the water and keep the focus strong

©2001 taken from the future book The Most Horrible Valley Ever written
by Kala "Rootsology" Brown

Monday, October 26, 2009

The one you least expect

Have you ever noticed certain people who look like they have it all. They always seem like the calmest, coolest, smartest, confident, kind-hearted soul that can make heads turn in a room. Having no care in the world. Most of the time they are the ones going through hidden problems like substance abuse, childhood abuse, physical or mental abuse or the ones who went through something in their past like molestation, neglect, abuse, etc. 

It makes you wonder how they became the person they are now.  I feel that life teaches us things by molding and shaping us through trials and tribulations. I also feel like if your childhood was destroyed by some type of abuse then it causes you to be angry for years or decades. Even childhood sexual abuse, like rape, robs victims of their personal power and sense of control over their lives and their bodies. Then there is self-hatred due to feelings of blame, shame, and low self-worth. Victims of abuse may feel that they’re less worthy or less valuable so they have a tendency of isolating themselves.

Through the years, you seek answers through books, writings, films, music, art and more which are all wonderful ways to escape the truth. Most say that they get their anger out through the before-mentioned and sometimes it shows or at least I can tell.  Do we ever really get over the past or will the past remain deep within.  No matter how you try to block it out of your mind or escape it, someway, somehow it can been found in films, books, writings and more and then it takes us back to where we once was.  No matter the damage done, you can't stay angry forever.  Life continues on

I believe that it teaches us to create what we see or have been through so that others can see and learn from you.  The abuser saves others who are or have been abused and they pay it forward somehow.  Once we know who we are and what we was ordained to be and give to the world, then we become an open book.  Having so many things to say, so many answers, so many shoes to fill.  So I say to those who cannot get pass the past, to find something to put that energy into and show the world how you made it through.  Believe it or not, GOD chooses some of us to go through hardships to become stronger people and teach the world what we know.  God want us to show the world how we became who we are.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Reparations is here

Reparations is far from us like the earth to the moon
We sit and cast out wishes like fishermen, in hopes to get rich soon
Like the Olympics, chances knock once every 4 years
Instead of just doing it, like NIKE, we stand back in fear
Afraid to make goals and a name as Blacks, in fact
We too busy pulling knives out of backs
Competition was put in our minds by the slave master
Cause he wanted to see this race as a disaster

AND the SLAVE Master won

Let ME Introduce YOU to ME

I give words to folks like babies to mothers
Something that will be there forever
Unlike clouds, I tend to shine much better
and wake up minds early in the morning
Before I speak, you know who I am
Damn let me rephrase that
I am
the ROOT of ALL Things
The greatest thing since Santa
In Atlanta, I'm known to bring the Shit
Like tissue to asses, just wipe it
Start with a clean slate
Like the Ones close to my home
Left high and dry and stuck deep in muddy waters
Sons and daughters have new names
And the US no shame

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Decision To Leave

Relationships are supposed to be about love, trust, happiness, great communication, listening, disagreeing but still seeing eye to eye, friendship, closeness and togetherness. When the love of your life is away, sick or down & out it becomes hard to breathe or think. But are there warning signs shown in the beginning of a beautiful relationship or do things change down through the years.

My friend started dating her high school boyfriend when she was in the 11th grade and he was in the 12th. They were raised in the same small town where everyone knew each other. Years later they got married and to the union 4 kids were born. He was injured in the army, so the family moved back near the small town that they grew up in to raise their kids. I went home to this small town, nearly 5 years ago for Christmas to find my best friend with 2 black eyes and bruises on her body. What happened? I never knew her husband to be mean & abusive but always laughing, talkative and kind. She began to tell me the story that he was tired of working, didn't come home at night like he used to and became very aggressive.

One night while laying in her bed, he comes in the room, locks the bedroom door behind him and began to pin her down to the bed. He started questioning her whereabouts while choking her... She called out to him and stated that she had to go check on the kids cause she could hear them crying. He let her up, she runs to the door and he began to chase her only to be stopped in his tracks by his oldest 15 year old son. As he and the son tuggle, my friend had the chance to call 911 to her rescue. After this incident, she got a divorce, plus her parents & 4 siblings wasn't gonna let her go back to that. I wonder where she would be today if she had stayed with him after that?

What made him change? 17 years of togetherness and she never saw it coming. One day all was going well and then within months before the abusive night, things turned for the worst. Abuse typically alternates with declarations of love and statements that they will change, providing a "hook" to keep the partner in the relationship. Abusers are generally very needy and controlling and the abuse escalates when they feel they may lose their partner, or when the relationship ends. Remember that by staying you are condoning and enabling the abuse and helping your partner to stay sick. If your partner is unwilling to get help the only safe course of action is to totally remove yourself from the situation and seek help on your own. But why do those who are being abused stay? There is no real answer as to why but for those who come from dysfunctional families in which they were routinely beaten and emotionally abused as children, they know no other patterns of behavior and have learned to expect frequent incidents of violence.

  • They fear their abusers will become more violent—perhaps fatal stalking them if they leave.
  • Friends and family may not support their decision to leave.
  • They fear being a single parent with little money.
  • They may be unaware of sources of advocacy and support and shelters.
  • Most abused women have at least one minor child.
  • Many abused women are not employed outside the home.
  • Many abused women don't have property that is theirs.
  • In many cases, abusers have cut off access to cash or bank accounts.
  • Most abused women fear losing joint assets and custody of their children.

There is help for the abuser and the one being abused Be prepared for the abuse to increase after you leave - stepping out of the cycle enrages the abuser, as it shatters their illusion of control. (75% of women killed by their abusive partners are murdered after they leave.) Group therapy, restraining orders and peace bonds may help a little but won't keep the abuser away, talking to family may help, going into hiding (change of identity), shelters and support groups are some resources that can help the abused and the abuser.

Earlier this year when Rihanna & Chris Brown was in the news for his abuse, I heard women say that if he doesn't hit you then its not love. I couldn't believe what I was hearing and couldn't understand why would anyone want to be in that type of relationship.

In conclusion
Abuse is a family dysfunction that repeats through generations. Just as addictions pass down through generations, abusers often leave their families for a family of choice - then repeat the abusive cycle from the other side. The abused becomes the abuser and so continues the cycle.

I just wonder if my friends son, which is my godson and the one I named, is going to go down the same path.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Lost Child In Me

Sometimes I wish I could just roam free into playgrounds and parks like a little child with no cares in the world. Their world is a world all their own where life brings no hardships, no tears, no pain, no worries but total happiness. Wouldn't the world be a much better place if we could just forever live as children?

As as a child we speak and act as children, so how profound is it to know that being like children is what God wants for us. Even as adults we may know enough, but still so little. For many adults the older we get, we become kids again or youthful, so it seems. So aren't we Gods "Children" anyway, no matter what age, race or sex? Like the movie Benjamin Buttons, born an old man and died as a baby. So its like we make a 360 degree circle with life from birth to old age. From a baby to a baby.

So what stops us from just being youthful in spirit, happy, carefree as we age? Is is the way of the world with jobs, friends, family, mortgages, car notes, layoffs, the recession? Or do we forget Gods way? Matthew 18:3 And he said: "I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.

For what we see in this world, we are forever surrounded by negativity so we become stressed, careless, unhappy, depressed, no fun to be around, etc. The only solution is to let go of our fears, trust, refocus, believe, wait for the blessings to unfold and in the meantime we must get back to our youth and learn to let go. Certain situations will make you unhappy or sad, but if we believe in a Higher Power like we say we believe, then why not become as children and remain as children. Not saying don't take things seriously as adults, but keep a youthful spirit. Love unconditionally and know that there are no boundaries. Treat everyone the same. There is only One God, One Power, One Love, One Way.

Friday, July 17, 2009

When The World Stops Caring

Does it seem that when times are good, friends are right there? Study shows that friends or people are more in the way when you don't really need them for anything. But whenever times are bad, there is really no one to talk to and no one wants to lend a listening ear.

I understand that people don't like:

Negativity in their life

To be around complainers


Tearful moments

Heartbroken people

No one care to be brought down to such a low point when they have no reason to be.

Me and the guys in the band used to always say that Positive vibes feed off of positive vibes and negative off of negative. It's like putting a new battery and an old battery in a remote control. Sure, It'll turn the channel ok, but only for a short period of time. Had it been two new batteries, then the life of the remote is much longer. A negative charge will bring down the positive faster than astronauts to the moon.

So what makes us shy away from the habits mentioned above?:

Is it because we have nothing to say

Don't know what to say

Too afraid to say what is on our minds

Try to avoid all conflict or people

Have no time

The Plus

True friends don't run away from problems nor do they judge. They lend a listening ear, encouraging words of wisdom and advice. They are strong and are doing the works of GOD. If you have someone in your life that is there for everything you go through, then consider yourself lucky. I am lucky to have 7 people including my mom to be in my life that has gone through the thick and thin with me and I with them. I've met so many people through events, shows, CHURCHES and so much more and would spend time with them, talk with them and just when I needed someone at a low point, they were gone like the leaves on a tree in the dead of winter. NEVER to be heard from again.

Did I mention CHURCH people too? Sad to say, but I was a member at 2 major churches in Atlanta, with one being in the Arts and Entertainment group with Speech from the Hip Hop group, Arrested Development.

I learned that we must seek the answers for ourselves and there are many ways to do that, but that is for another blog. After leaving that church, then I joined another and to the same effect, No One. This is not to say that churches or church people are worthless, but just not doing the works that is needed to be done as GOD-like people.


Would GOD, Buddha, Allah, or whatever your source may be, turn his back on us if we were down and out???

Then why should we be any different?

How can we know what is the Truth or what is a Lie?

Is it better to lie than to tell the truth. I think the truth always comes with a lie. Sometimes when you tell a lie, deep down there is a hidden truth to be told but when you flip the plate is truth always coming with a lie somewhere between the lines?

Signs of Deception: Body Language of Lies:

Physical expression will be limited and stiff, with few arm and hand movements. Hand, arm and leg movement are toward their own body the liar takes up less space.

A person who is lying to you will avoid making eye contact.

Hands touching their face, throat & mouth. Touching or scratching the nose or behind their ear. Not likely to touch his chest/heart with an open hand

Other signs of a lie:

If you believe someone is lying, then change subject of a conversation quickly, a liar follows along willingly and becomes more relaxed. The guilty wants the subject changed; an innocent person may be confused by the sudden change in topics and will want to back to the previous subject.

Using humor or sarcasm to avoid a subject

Final Notes:

Obviously, just because someone exhibits one or more of these signs does not make them a liar. The above behaviors should be compared to a persons base (normal) behavior whenever possible.

In a survey of 40,000 Americans, 93% admitted to lying regularly at work. Of course, for leaders, the flip side of telling the truth is hearing the truth. How can you make the right decision if you can’t get accurate information and honest opinions?

Some say that the only "rational" reason to lie is to escape "serious danger to self or others". Of course, "danger" is then expanded by definition to include everything from death, down to embarrassment and even inconvenience

Assuming The Worst

Why do we always assume the worst of things and in most cases you find it to be untrue.

Assume means to 1 a: to take up or in :receive b: to take into partnership, employment, or use2 a: to take to or upon oneself :undertake b:put on, don c: to place oneself in .

As the saying goes "Never assume, for it makes an ASS out of U and ME." -

Why do people assume the worst of things and in the end whatever we assume majority of the times tends to be completely wrong. I always found that digging deep into something without first thinking things through you will find just what you don't want to see or get what you are not ready to get.

So what makes us assume the worst of things?

  1. Insecurity
  2. Jealousy
  3. Constant lies
  4. The past, such as a cheating ex
  5. Being nosy, snooping, eavesdropping
  6. Infidelity
  7. Listening to friends/people
  8. Childhood
  9. The lack of trust

How can we know the truth without assuming? Should we just talk it out with the person first or just let it go altogether? I think that before you assume it is best to talk it out to find out what is going on. There have been times where I assume the worst and jump to conclusions and end up getting hurt in the end. Most people find themselves in the same situation. How can you regain trust from those who you have this assumption about? Should you explain yourself, give them time to heal and grow or just them go. Most of the time, trust is broken so there is no coming back. So for those who assume things or the worst in people, take it from me, just keep your mouth closed until you can actually speak with that someone or see them in action to know the truth!

In the end, you wouldn't have made an ASS out of yourself!