Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Poetic Bio

I started out with big dreams and smile wide, Deep in the thought at the 
age of 2 and knew what I wanted to do
Often looking up to the stars for answers and enlightenment in hope
that I would one day reach for the stars
I was somewhere over the rainbow like Dorothy, following the yellow brick road
Awaiting my pot of gold but when I reached 12 years old my world came tumbling down
Half of me was taken away deep into the grounds lay cold my father figure
And I figured that there was no hope for me and nothing to look forward to
A pen approached me one night and forced me to write when I was feeling blue
There we were getting acquainted with one another
Day and night, Night and day we were like lovers under covers
Locked tight in a bedroom with very little light
I discovered a deeper talent I never thought I had Words scrambled on a pad
like musical notes
I wrote songs, I wrote poetry but was this really me?
I tried to get into other things to test the waters a bit
I tried modeling, acting, and even pageants but nothing clicked
Then I found myself back to the drawing boards with a pen in my hand
like pimps to whores, I was loving it
Taking into consideration that years have past and I was no longer grieving for dad
But sad and mad about the troubles life gave although I was well behaved 
and things didn’t go my way
And I couldn’t see past the immediate at times I wanted to be like regular teens
wild and mischievous
But because of the bloods that run through my veins I was like Jesus
The same yesterday, today and tomorrow, no change
I took one look over my life and found that I would only write when I was down
Deeper were the meanings rooted like trees way, way down
I had become connected to the earth and had sprouted taller than Sears tower
I had power and like they say Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world
I was far beyond the average woman and never less a girl
I was “The Daughter From the Stars” and was met by brothers from another planet
Giving knowledge to earthly beings so they could understand it
We became the 4 seasons, 4 elements of the zodiac
Standing on 4 corners of the earth with straighter backs
Like steam from heat we pollute the air, We focus more on life’s reasons
With a prophetic glare in our eyes we know why we are here but do you know why?
Running into struggles like brick walls and knowing that empty words come from empty minds
No one has studied the earth more than I but in their eyes it seems as though I’m blind and
Behind on the resources too yet the earth and all the other planets are just quarters in my pockets
Spent on reality and values now we can part the Red Seas and lead the lost into the promise land
Holding their hands like children til their eyes are fully opened
Teach them that it’s ok to discover self and not be like someone else
The battle is already won so why keep track of the time
Living below our means is not what God had in mind
Therefore, the earth is my shoes and I tread the fields searching for clues like Easter eggs
Praying to have something to look up to when I’m not always bowing
my head and on my knees
Begging forgiveness to the Almighty

K is for knowing             
A is for always
L is for Love
A is for abides
And if you Know Always that Love Abides then how can you go wrong
Always stay afloat the water and keep the focus strong

©2001 taken from the future book The Most Horrible Valley Ever written
by Kala "Rootsology" Brown

Monday, October 26, 2009

The one you least expect

Have you ever noticed certain people who look like they have it all. They always seem like the calmest, coolest, smartest, confident, kind-hearted soul that can make heads turn in a room. Having no care in the world. Most of the time they are the ones going through hidden problems like substance abuse, childhood abuse, physical or mental abuse or the ones who went through something in their past like molestation, neglect, abuse, etc. 

It makes you wonder how they became the person they are now.  I feel that life teaches us things by molding and shaping us through trials and tribulations. I also feel like if your childhood was destroyed by some type of abuse then it causes you to be angry for years or decades. Even childhood sexual abuse, like rape, robs victims of their personal power and sense of control over their lives and their bodies. Then there is self-hatred due to feelings of blame, shame, and low self-worth. Victims of abuse may feel that they’re less worthy or less valuable so they have a tendency of isolating themselves.

Through the years, you seek answers through books, writings, films, music, art and more which are all wonderful ways to escape the truth. Most say that they get their anger out through the before-mentioned and sometimes it shows or at least I can tell.  Do we ever really get over the past or will the past remain deep within.  No matter how you try to block it out of your mind or escape it, someway, somehow it can been found in films, books, writings and more and then it takes us back to where we once was.  No matter the damage done, you can't stay angry forever.  Life continues on

I believe that it teaches us to create what we see or have been through so that others can see and learn from you.  The abuser saves others who are or have been abused and they pay it forward somehow.  Once we know who we are and what we was ordained to be and give to the world, then we become an open book.  Having so many things to say, so many answers, so many shoes to fill.  So I say to those who cannot get pass the past, to find something to put that energy into and show the world how you made it through.  Believe it or not, GOD chooses some of us to go through hardships to become stronger people and teach the world what we know.  God want us to show the world how we became who we are.