Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Dance Between Two

Opening night
The show begins
A scene
Between twins
Conversations few
Dimly lit view
Half sipped glasses too
Sexually connect
In retrospect
The mood takes affect
If one makes a move
The other follows through
Desire construed
Sex long overdue
When bodies parallel
Each are compelled
The moral of the story is
Clothes hit the floor
Hands take tour
Down sexy curves
Ready to serve
Nipple to nipple
Tongues trickle down necks
Heated moments
Make skin sweat
From one place to the next
Where beds are set
Wanna leave traces
Not easy to forget
Legs around waist
Getting a taste
Of passion
An unexpected action
Deep throat
Always takes the winning vote
Rhythmic moves
Pulsated grooves
Fucking deep
Real smooth
Scratches shown
Loud moans
This ride is for the grown
Screams get higher
Like sirens to fire
All that's required
Faster and faster
As tongue go deep
The All Seeing Eye
Legs are weak
Sensitive to touch
Passion rush
to the rescue
Disaster seeps
Climax hit its peak
As the creek
Keeps its flow
Wetness show
One keeps going
While the other keeps flowing
Climbing walls
Past nightfall
When she say STOP
Screaming to the top
Of her lungs
The message sung
Heard among
All smiles glow
The gift bestowed
Reached goals
Is all they know
A duo to tango
The whistle blows
The lady sings in alto
Curtains closed


  1. *girl ur verses turn me on* in Drake voice

    Reading this on a Sunday morning is illegal. I loveeeee it!! "As tongue goes deep" Damnnnn!!!

  2. an excellent read...

  3. steamy creamy words... enriched with warm poetic scents of erotic massage!hmm...chocolate coated for deep readers to suck and lick deep with pleasure...oozing with therapeutic flavor....hmmm....who can't luv this!!!I doo!