Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Learned at an early age to run from things
Run from potential pedophiles
Vicious dogs and strange faces
Dirty old men with smooth smiles

"When the street lights come on
You better run home quick and
Don't dare miss that school bus you better
Run to catch it"

She ran on the Track team 
And became the fastest runner
Out the gate to the finish line
At the sound of the gunner

The older she got
She ran from responsibilities
Even ran away from love sometimes
Keeping tricks up the sleeve

Ran out west, away from family
So she wouldn't have to deal also
Ran away from bill collectors
Out in Beverly Hills

Ran and hid from Jehovah Witnesses
With lights off and closed doors
Was once a runaway bride
Cause she say she wasn't sure

She used to run numbers for her pops
Back in the day
She ran out of time and emotion
When her lovers never stayed

One day she ran into an old love
Who made her stay a long while
They built a nice home together
Architectural style

.....Then she got tired of him
He used to run around on her
So she ran for the ATM

Sitting on his fortune and money
She runs from the less fortunate
She worked too hard to get this far
That's the 1st thing she'll admit

Her running days are over well at least
Until trouble takes a hit
And if she needs to run again then believe
She'll have a go at it

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